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LEIMIX PLC Control Systems
Data Acquisition Systems - the solution for successful automation.
When everything runs without a hitch – from raw material to final product – it can only be LEIMIX

Whether the basic version, integration into higher-level process control systems or data acquisition hardware and software: a wide range of control options are available for the LEIMIX agitator bead mills – talk with our experts. It should be noted that the execution of the operator terminal depends on the protection class of the machine.

The optimization of production processes, including the planning of maintenance and service tasks, requires the evaluation of process data over an extended period of time. At the same time, data analysis can be used to outline production and down times and detect possible causes. The acquisition and storage of various process data can be continuously recorded, pre-processed and encrypted with two different data aquisition systems.

LEIMIX PLC control system which optimally combines processing technology and automation. The system with integrated MES functions monitors and controls both continuous and batch-related processes from grain processing and animal feed production to the production of paint.

Maximum flexibility
LEIMIX PLC Control Systems offers over 80 different modules for a specific and extensible configuration according to the customers’ requirements. LEIMIX PLC Control Systems is scalable and safe for investment of companies of all sizes. The main advantages are in the preventive maintenance and quick fault diagnosis and localization, the optimal job management and the constant efficiency optimization based on KPI’s. Interfaced to LEIMIX PLC Control Systems, intelligent sensors (e.g. MYRG NIR Multi Online Analyzer) measure and control online during production.

Highest safety
Safety is a key factor for the success of a plant and is valid for the product as well as for the production. The product traceability via production weights and integrated process lines as well as the protection of the goods through product lock or automatic cleaning optimally contribute to this purpose. While the simple recipe man-agement contributes to a consistent high product quality, LEIMIX PLC Control Systems offers extensive downtime analysis which helps ensure that plant availability is restored quickly.

Supreme efficiency
LEIMIX PLC Control Systems ensures with intelligent process control, permanent energy monitoring and regular measures that energy is used efficiently and cost-effectively. While the monitoring of the energy consumption is a prerequisite for the planning of load balances, the intelligent route navigation ensures the most efficient path through the production chain and minimizes energy usage and costs.

Optimal usability
LEIMIX PLC Control Systems relies on an intuitive operating principle that is also easy-to-understand for untrained personnel. With the intelligent alarm management and remote access you have your plant always under control and are able to quickly intervene if necessary. All production-relevant information is visible at a glance. Last but not least LEIMIX PLC Control Systems goes hand in hand with mobile plant monitoring. PLC PocketPlant is the tool for real-time line monitoring, anytime, anywhere on any device (see link on the right).

The data acquisition system serves to record measured values from a machine and consists of the hardware required to transfer the available measurements via an Ethernet connection and software for installation on a PC. Following values can be acquired, if the necessary measurement points are available on the machine:
Power consumption of the agitator drive
Mill speed
Pump speed
Product pressure
Product outlet temperature
Energy input
Operating time
The measured and input data are stored in a CSV file and the current measured values are displayed. The acquisition rate can be pre-set by the operator to intervals ranging from 1 s to 10 min. After successful data acquisition, additional evaluation in a spreadsheet program is possible.

LEIMIX Connect
Linking the LEIMIX-machine to LEIMIX-Connect enables the acquisition and storage of various process data from your machine. With the databank-based, web-browser-controllable tool, process data are continuously recorded, pre-processed and encrypted in XML files on a central server via a VPN network. With the appropriate access authorization, you and your product specialists can view, analyze and export the data from any network-capable PC. This provides you with indications of relevant changes in your production process, allowing you to draw conclusions about effects on the production quality. Through the evaluation of process data over an extended period of time, you can better plan the optimization of your production processes, maintenance and service work and get details on production and shutdowns as well as their possible causes.

PLC systems
Display of operation, input and calculation parameters on graphic display Pump speed
Mill speed
Peripheral speed
Product pressure
Product temperature
Gross mill output
Net mill output
Energy input
Product througput (flow meter required)
Process status
Display of trend graph Is included
Process data bank with formulation management for a maximum of 80 product data sets Is included
Input of nominal and threshold values
From the data central
Automatic operation
With acquisition of the process parameters from the data bank
Machine is run up to the default values
Definable operational mode Is included
Applicable control strategies Control of:
Throughput (flow meter required)
Display of operational and error messages
"Refill" sealing liquid
MIN sealing liquid level
MIN sealing liquid pressure
MAX grinding chamber pressure
MAX product temperature
Displayed as pop-up message
Shut-off functions can be selected and combined Timer
Energy input and/or number of cycles
For passage mode, shut-down is pressure-dependent
Operation and malfunction lights Are available as well as operator panel with LOCAL/REMOTE selector switch (functionality as an option)
Emergency stop Is included
Product temperature and product pressure are measured by Pt100 0 - 120°C
Pressure sensor 0 - 10 bar
Local contact pressure gauge with MAX switching-off contact
Automatic screen cleaning sequence If a limit value for the product pressure is exceeded, the feed pump stops briefly and thereby effects a relief of the separator
Speed adjustment of the agitator mill and the product pump
Is by means of frequency inverter
LEIMIX Remote Facilitates the integration of the machine control into a superordinate process control system via:
Ethernet or
Profibus DP
Data aquisition system

LEIMIX PLC Control Systems

When everything runs without a hitch – from raw material to final product – it can only be LEIMIX.